Running a Web UI test in the Microsoft Edge browser

Web UI tests recorded in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browsers can be run in Microsoft Edge browser. You cannot record Web UI tests in Edge.

Before you begin

Before you can run a Web UI test in Edge, you must install Microsoft WebDriver for Edge browser. For a list of supported version of Microsoft WebDriver on specific Windows 10 builds, see this document.

About this task

After the WebDriver is installed, you can see the Edge browser in the list of available browsers, in the playback wizard, and execute the tests on the browser.


To be able to use Edge browser, follow these steps:

  1. In Microsoft Edge, WebDriver is disabled. Download and install the lastest version of Microsoft WebDriver server in the default location for both 32-bit and 64-bit windows 10 computers.
  2. If you install the WebDriver in another location, set the environment variable named webdriver.edge.driver with the full path to the installation file named MicrosoftWebDriver.exe:
    1. In the control panel, click System > Advanced system settings > Advanced > Environment variables.
    2. In System variables, click New, and in Variable name, enter webdriver.edge.driver. In the Variable value field, enter the path to the MicrosoftWebDriver.exe. Click OK.