Ambiguous object recognition in functional testing

Ambiguous recognition occurs when HCL OneTest™ UI can not uniquely identify an object in the system-under-test. This commonly happens when HCL OneTest™ UI cannot differentiate between an instance of the application-under-test started by a script playback and an instance of the same application inadvertently left open previous to script playback. This also applies to identical windows from one application and identical HTML documents. Ambiguous recognition will cause script playback failure unless the duplicate application is closed.

If HCL OneTest™ UI finds more than one instance of the application-under-test during the playback of a script the Ambiguous Recognition window will open allowing you to close the duplicate instance and resume playback.

Preventing ambiguous recognition

One common cause of ambiguous recognition is residual windows left open from a previous playback of a test script.

To avoid this issue take the following actions:

  • Make closing the application-under-test the last action recorded in the test script.
  • If script playback fails, close all windows opened by script playback before replaying the script.

Dealing with ambiguous recognition

If the Ambiguous Recognition window opens correct the situation and restart playback.

The Ambiguous Recognition window opens and playback pauses.

  1. Minimize open windows until the Ambiguous Recognition window is visible.
  2. Find and close the duplicate application instance using the information in the Ambiguous Recognition window.
  3. Click OK in the Ambiguous Recognition window to resume playback.