setState can only be used to scroll the split pane: action


There was an attempt to scroll a single pane using the function setState(). The setState action can be used only to scroll a split pane. On split pane the action could be a horizontal or vertical scroll. The valid actions depend on the control. The valid actions are: SINGLE_SELECT, DESELECT, EXTENDSELECT, DESELECTALL, CHECK, UNCHECK, UNDETERMINED, VSCROLL, HSCROLL, SCROLL_PAGEUP, SCROLL_PAGEDOWN, SCROLL_PAGELEFT, SCROLL_PAGERIGHT, SCROLL_LINEUP, SCROLL_LINEDOWN, SCROLL_LINELEFT, SCROLL_LINERIGHT, EXPAND, EXPAND_AND_SELECT, EXPAND_AND_EXTENDSELECT, COLLAPSE, COLLAPSE_AND_SELECT, COLLAPSE_AND_EXTENDSELECT, ACTION_FIRST, and ACTION_LAST.

User response

Scroll a split pane or correct the action for a single pane and try to play back the script again.