Initializing variables from Rational Quality Manager

If you want to run an HCL OneTest™ Performance test from IBM® Rational® Quality Manager, you can pass the execution variables defined in Rational Quality Manager to the HCL OneTest™ Performance test.

Before you begin

  • Configure the Rational Quality Manager adapter in HCL OneTest™ Performance. For more information, see the Configuration topic.
  • Variable names must be the same in Rational Quality Manager and HCL OneTest™ Performance.
  • The Visible in value for the variable in the HCL OneTest™ Performance test must be set to All tests for this user.

About this task

When you pass an execution variable to a HCL OneTest™ Performance test, the value initialized in the test is replaced by the value in the execution variable. If you modify the value that is initialized in the test, after the test is executed, the modified value is passed back to the execution variable in Rational Quality Manager.

To initialize an execution variable value to a test, run the test from Rational Quality Manager. For information about execution variables, see Using execution variables in manual test.