Evaluating mobile test run results

To check whether or not the mobile test ran successfully, you can open the test report. You can also view each recorded functional action in the report.

About this task

When you run a test from HCL OneTest™ UI, you can view both the mobile web report and the statistical report. By default, the mobile web report is displayed after the run. You can also view this report on the mobile device.

To open the mobile web report and statistical report, from the Test Navigator view double-click a result from the Results folder.

When you run a test from the mobile device or emulator, at the end of play back, the report opens up automatically on the device or emulator. After the run, the report is uploaded to HCL OneTest™ UI automatically. There is no statistical report for the test that is run from the device or emulator.

The report is in a tabular format and displays the application that was tested, its execution status, and duration of the test and the measured response time. Each action is displayed in a row with the screen capture of the action highlighted and the time taken for that action from the beginning of the test.

If you added verification points to the test, you can also view the verification points entries in the report. The Execution Status of the report displays Failure, if the verification points fail.