Uploading logs to test workbench

To share the device logs with other users or Support, you can upload the logs from HCL OneTest Studio Mobile Client to the test workbench, if you are using Android mobile test client only. After the upload, you can export the logs to a text file and share the file.

Before you begin

The mobile test client must be connected to the test workbench.

About this task

When you upload the logs to the test workbench, the logs remain in the device until the mobile test client is running. In the test workbench, the logs show up in the Error Log view.


  1. In the mobile test client, open the menu and tap Logs.
    Note: On some devices, the menu is in the form of a dropdown icon placed in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Upload. In the test workbench, click Window > Show View > Error Log to view the uploaded logs.
  3. Optional: To clear the logs, tap Clear. This action removes the logs from the display, but the logs remain available in the test workbench.
  4. Optional: To delete the logs, tap Delete and tap Yes.