Configuring HCL OneTest Performance Agent

About this task

To get started with the HCL OneTest™ Performance Agent, you must configure the settings after installing HCL OneTest Performance Agent.


  1. Configure the workbench by following these steps:
    1. Navigate to the install folder. The file path for Windows and Linux is as follows:
      • Windows: C:\Program Files\HCL\HCLOneTest\Majordomo\
      • Linux: /opt/HCL/HCLOneTest/Majordomo/
    2. Open the majordomo.config file and replace the text HOST NOT SPECIFIED with the workbench host name or ip.
      Note: By default, the port number is 7080.
  2. Run the batch files, before getting started with HCL OneTest UI.
    • On Windows, run the batch file, Majordomo_webui.bat. This will open a terminal which runs in the background. You must not close the terminal till the application is in use.
    • On Linux, run the shell script,