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Lesson 2: Data-drive a test

In this lesson, you will use the data-driver to populate a datapool with data from the sample application. A datapool is a collection of related data records. A datapool supplies data values to the variables in a test script during test script playback.


  1. On the Recording toolbar, click Insert Data Driven Commands (Data Driven Commands). The recording pauses.
  2. In the Insert Data Driven Actions page, use the mouse to drag the Object Finder () to the title bar of the Place an Order window on the ClassicsCD application. HCL OneTest™ UI outlines the entire Place an Order window with a red border.
  3. Release the mouse button. In the Data Drive Actions page, under the DataDriven Commands table, information about the selected objects are displayed.


You can hover over a row in this table to view the line of code that HCL OneTest UI inserts into the test script to data-drive the test script.
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