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Lesson 6: Play back the test

In this lesson, you will play back the test you just recorded to see how easy it is to use a variety of data from a datapool to test the application.

About this task

Each time you play back a script with an associated datapool, the script accesses one record in the datapool. When you create a datapool reference for a verification point, the verification point uses the datapool reference to access a variable in that record. During playback, HCL OneTest™ UI substitutes the variable in the datapool for the datapool reference and compares the variable in the datapool to the actual results.

During playback you can view the script name, the script line number that is executing, status icons, and a description of the action in progress in the Playback Monitor.


  1. To play back the test script, click Script > Run.
  2. In the Select log window, click Next.
  3. Click the Datapool Iteration Count arrow and then scroll to select Iterate Until Done to access all three records in the datapool.
  4. Click Finish to use the default log name.

    The HCL OneTest UI window minimizes, and the Playback Monitor is displayed in the upper-right area of your screen. Messages appear in the Playback Monitor as HCL OneTest UI plays back all of the recorded actions in the test script and enters data from the datapool.

    When the test script finishes playing back, HCL OneTest UI displays a log with the test results. A log is a file that contains the record of events that occur while playing back a script. A log includes the results of all verification points executed that can be used to test the application.

  5. Click X to close the log.
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