Running scripts

When you play back a script, HCL OneTest™ UI replays your recorded actions, which automates the software testing cycle.

Such automation allows you to test each new build of your application faster and more thoroughly than by manual testing, reducing testing time and increasing both coverage and overall consistency.

There are two general phases of script playback:

In the Test Development Phase you play back scripts to verify that they work as intended, using the same version of the application-under-test that you used to record. This phase validates the expected behavior for the application.

In the Regression Testing Phase you play back scripts to compare the latest build of the application to the baseline established during the test development phase. Regression testing identifies differences that may have been introduced since the last build. You can evaluate these differences to determine whether they are defects or changes.


You can run a script for these purposes:

You can use HCL OneTest UI plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy to continuously initiate the launch of functional tests.