Playback Monitor

During playback you can view the script name, the number of the line that is executing, status icons, and a description of the action in progress from the Playback Monitor.

The Playback Monitor consists of four parts:

  • Script name
  • Description of action in progress
  • Status icons
  • Script line number
  • Stop Stop playback and pause Pause playback or resume Resume playback buttons

Playback Monitor icons

The Playback Monitor includes four status icons:

Status Icon Description
Find On HCL OneTest™ UI is looking for an object in an application.
Find Off HCL OneTest UI is not looking for an object in an application.
Wait On HCL OneTest UI is waiting for an object in an application to appear or for a script delay to end.
Wait Off HCL OneTest UI is executing the current script.

Turning off the Playback Monitor

You can turn off the Playback Monitor.

By default, the Playback Monitor is on.

  1. Click Window > Preferences .
  2. In the left pane expand Functional Test, expand Playback, and click Monitor.
  3. Clear the Show monitor during playback check box.