Checking in an element

If you use IBM® Rational® ClearCase® for source control management, you must check in a script to create a new version of a file.

About this task

You can check in one or more directories, scripts, or the contents of a folder. You can also merge files, if required, when you check in an element.


  1. From the Projects view, right-click one or more checked-out projects, directories, or scripts, and then click Team > Check In.
  2. Under the Check In column, clear the check box of any element that you do not want to check in.

    If you see the not-ready symbol (

    not ready symbol
    ) in the State column, you cannot check in an element. When you select the element, you see an explanation of the problem.

  3. To check in your changes, but keep the file checked out to continue to work on it, select the Keep checked out check box.
  4. Under Comments, type the comments that describe the changes.

    To apply a comment to one or more files, select the check box in the Check In column under Selected Elements for the appropriate files, type a comment, and then click Apply.

  5. To check in all files and use the same comment for all files, click Finish.
  6. If you check in an element and a later version of this element already exists and is different from your element, you are prompted to merge the files.