Getting the latest version

When you use a snapshot view you must remember to get the latest files from the VOB on a regular basis or changes that others check in can break your script. Updating once a day is probably enough, depending on your particular team's needs.

About this task

ClearCase® copies the latest version of an element from the VOB to your snapshot view. A element is an object in a VOB, a database that stores your project's files. An element can be a Functional Test script, a Functional Test project, an object map or a Java™ file. All elements are stored with version history and comments.

The following table explains how ClearCase works when it gets the latest version of an element:

Versioned object Information updated
Project All files in the project, including scripts.
Folder All files in the folder.
Script The script and all supporting files for that script.


  1. From the Projects view, right-click an element, and then click Team > Get Latest Version.
  2. Click Finish.
  3. ClearCase begins the update procedure and displays a progress indicator. To view detailed information about a supporting files of a script, Setting HCL OneTest™ UI ClearCase Preferences to display script details. Details are not available when you get the latest version of a project or folder because ClearCase updates all the supporting files of each script within a project or folder.