Setting up ClearCase on a UNIX server

If you use ClearCase®, you must update the ClearCase type managers to recognize HCL OneTest™ UI test object map files on a UNIX system.

About this task

If you use ClearCase MultiSite® on a Windows NT system and replicate VOBs that contain Functional Test data, you must also do the following procedure on the UNIX system with the replica.

To update ClearCase to recognize HCL OneTest UI test object map files on a UNIX system:

  • On the UNIX system than runs your view_server process, type the following commands at the UNIX prompt:
	cd <clearcase_install_directory>/lib/mgrs
	ln -s ./binary_delta ./_rftmap
	ln -s ./binary_delta ./_rftdef
	ln -s ./binary_delta ./_rftvp