Changing user interface fonts

You can change the font and point size of information displayed in dialog boxes for HCL OneTest™ UI and those that are part of the Eclipse IDE. For IDE dialog boxes and the Java™ Editor, you do this through the Workbench Preferences.


  1. Click Window > Preferences, expand Workbench , and click Colors and Fonts.
  2. In the Colors and Fonts list, select the type of text you want to change. On the Colors and Fonts preference page, you can change the banner font, header font, and text font, one at a time.
  3. To use system fonts, click Use System Font. You must use this option for DBCS languages.

    To use a different font, click Change. In the Font dialog box, select your font and click OK.

  4. To change the font in the Java Editor, in the Colors and Fonts list, take the following steps:
    • Expand Java.
    • Click Editor Text Font (defaults to Text Font).
    • Click Restore Defaults.
    The Java Editor picks up the font set in the Workbench Font preference page because the Java Editor uses that preference by default.
  5. Click OK. The new font does not take effect immediately in the dialog box that you set it in (Application Configuration Tool or Enable Environments dialog box).