Creating a test project

A test project stores application test assets such as scripts, object maps, verification point baseline files, and script templates. You must create a test project before you can record scripts. You must create a new test project or connect to an existing test project before you record a new script.


  1. From the product menu, click File > New > Functional Test Project.
  2. In the Project name field, type the name of the new project.

    Names for functional test projects cannot contain the following characters: \ / : * ? " < > | ( ) or a space.

  3. In the Project location field, type the data path for this functional test project, or click Browse to select a path.

    If you use ClearCase®, you must create the functional test project in a ClearCase snapshot or dynamic view. You can add the project to ClearCase later. If you do not create a functional test project in a ClearCase view, you can share the project by moving it to a ClearCase view and adding it to source control.

  4. Optional: Select Add the project to Source Control to use ClearCase.
  5. Click Finish.