Determining the values of cells in a table

When working with Java™ or HTML tables, you might want to extract the value of a given cell in the table. There are many ways to do this; one simple approach is to query the table directly.

The example shows how to create custom Java code that exploits the Functional Test object model to extract the information from a table. The sample first uses the getTestData method to have HCL OneTest™ UI return a TestDataTable object that contains all of the data in the table. Given this data table, the getRowCount and getColumnCount methods determine the size of the table. Finally, with these numbers, the code cycles through each cell and uses the getCell method to determine the contents of each cell in the table. The values in the cells display in the console window.

import resources.TableTestHelper;

import com.rational.test.ft.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.object.interfaces.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.object.interfaces.SAP.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.object.interfaces.siebel.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.script.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.value.*;
import com.rational.test.ft.vp.*;

 * Description   : Functional Test Script
 * @author Administrator
public class TableTest extends TableTestHelper
	 * Script Name   : TableTest
	 * Generated     : Jul 17, 2006 1:56:28 PM
	 * Description   : Functional Test Script
	 * Original Host : WinNT Version 5.1  Build 2600 (S)
	 * @since  2006/07/17
	 * @author Administrator
	public void testMain(Object[] args) 
		// Frame: ClassicsCD
		jmb().click(atPath("Order->View Existing Order Status..."));
		// Frame: View Order Status
		nameComboB().click(atText("Claire Stratus"));
		// Frame: View Existing Orders
		existingTable().click(atCell(atRow("ORDER ID", "7", "ORDER DATE", "3/11/98", "STATUS", "Order Initiated"), atColumn("ORDER ID")), atPoint(33,2));

		//	Query object to find out what kind of data it has.
		  System.out.println (existingTable().getTestDataTypes());
		  //Declare variable for table.
		  ITestDataTable myTable;
		  myTable = (ITestDataTable)existingTable().getTestData("contents");
		  //Print out total rows & columns.
		  System.out.println ("Total Rows: " + myTable.getRowCount());
		  System.out.println ("Total Cols: " + myTable.getColumnCount());
		  //Print out cell values.
		  for (int row =0;row < myTable.getRowCount();row++)
		      for (int col = 0;col < myTable.getColumnCount();col++)
		          System.out.println("Value at cell (" + row+ "," + col+")is: " + myTable.getCell(row,col));

		// Frame: ClassicsCD