Associated Scripts dialog box

You use the Associated Scripts dialog box to view a list of scripts associated with a test object map and to select multiple scripts you want to add test objects to. By default, HCL OneTest™ UI only selects the active script to add test objects to.

The Associated Scripts dialog box has the following controls:

Select active script(s)
Displays all scripts associated with the current test object map. To select multiple scripts to add test objects to, press and hold Ctrl while you click the names of the scripts.
Closes the display. If you selected one or more scripts, HCL OneTest UI places the selected object in the Script Explorer for each script. If you use Source control, HCL OneTest UI automatically checks out the scripts unreserved and leaves them checked out when you add test objects to them.

HCL OneTest UI changes the Test Object > Add to Script menu item to Test Object > Add to Multiple Scripts or the tooltip for the Test Object: Add to Script button Test Object: Add to Script to Add to Multiple Scripts to indicate that multiple scripts have been selected and will be affected by the command.

To open: On the Test Object Map toolbar, click the Test Object: Associated Scripts button Test Object: Associated Scripts or in the Test Object Map menu, click Test Object > Associated Scripts.