Recording scripts to test HTML applications

Record scripts to test HTML applications on a single browser as you record any functional test script.

Before you begin

Important: If you enabled Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser for HCL OneTest™ UI, the latest Java update must be associated with the browser. If not done, security messages prompt up when you open the browser and Java will be blocked.

About this task

There are two basic steps for recording scripts:

  • Enable a web browser. Before you can use a web browser to test an application, you must enable it. Click Configure > Enable Environments for Testing to enable your environments for testing. For example, any of the supported versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer you plan to use for testing must be enabled.
  • Configure your HTML applications for testing. Click Configure > Configure Applications for Testing to specify information about your application and its environment. If you plan to test Microsoft HTML Applications (MSHTA), run mshta.exe to configure each application that you want to test.
Note: There are special considerations when recording cross-platform/cross-browser scripts.