Renaming a test asset

You can rename simplified test scripts, Java test scripts, test object maps, or other files in a project.

About this task

When you rename a script, HCL OneTest™ UI renames all its related files, such as the helper script files, the private object map, and any verification point files. When you rename a test object map, HCL OneTest UI updates associated scripts with the new name.
  • You need to change any callScript commands in scripts that reference the old script name; otherwise, HCL OneTest UI logs an error when you run those scripts.
  • If you use Rational® ClearCase® for source control of your scripts and test assets, when you rename the script or test asset, ClearCase maintains the history with the renamed file.
  • For HCL OneTest UI, Eclipse Integration, a Rename command is available in the Navigator view that is part of the Eclipse Workbench. This Rename command only renames an individual file, not the collection of files that makes up a Functional Test script. Therefore, do not use the Rename command in the Navigator view to modify any Functional Test project assets.


  1. From the Functional Test Projects view, right-click a script or test asset.
  2. Click Rename.
  3. Type the new test asset name in the New name box, and click Finish.
    Note: If you rename a simplified script, the associated Java script is also renamed.