Restoring the test environment before playback

The state of both the environment and the application-under-test can affect script playback. If the recorded environment and the playback environment are different, playback problems can occur.

About this task

Before playing back a script, verify that your application-under-test is in the same state that it was in when you recorded the script. Any applications and windows that were open, displayed, or active when you started recording the script must be open, displayed, or active when you start playback. In addition, restore any relevant network settings, active databases, and system memory to the same state as when the script was recorded.

Note: Multiple open instances of the application-under-test will cause an ambiguous recognition error during playback. For more information about ambiguous recognition, see Ambiguous Recognition window.

As part of your test process, you might want to do cross-JVM testing to verify that your applications run correctly under various JVMs. For information about supported JVMs, see Java Support.


  1. Enable your web browsers and Java environments.
  2. Use the Configuration Editor to configure your applications for recording and playback.
  3. Set the appropriate playback preferences.