HCL OneTest UI General page

You use the HCL OneTest™ UI General page to set all product time options. These options are useful to accommodate different computer speeds.

The General page has the following controls:

Automatic enablement: -- Automatic enablement is activated by default. Deselect the checkbox if you want to statically enable each test environment. This is useful for improving the performance of tests.

Multiply all time options by: -- Enter any real number by which you want to multiply all HCL OneTest UI preferences or options that take an amount of time as an argument. For example, enter .5 to make all HCL OneTest UI time options twice as fast. This option affects all the following controls:

General Playback
Maximum time to attempt to find Test Object
Pause between attempts to find Test Object
Timeout used in waitForExistence( ) method
Retry timeout used in waitForExistence( ) loop
Delay before mouse up
Delay before mouse move
Delay before mouse down
Delay before key up
Delay when hover
Delay after top level window activates
Delay before key down
Delay before performing Test Object action
General Recorder
Delay before recording a mouse action
Delay before recording a keystroke
Use Default
Clear this check box to edit the value in the Multiply all time options by field. Select this check box to restore the default value.
Restore Defaults
Restore the default values on this page.
Save your changes without closing the dialog box.

To open: Click Window > Preferences. In the left pane, click Functional Test.