Recording in an existing script

In a functional test script, you can start recording at the cursor location. By starting to record in a script, you can start applications, insert verification points, and add script support functions.


  1. Place the cursor in the script where you want to begin recording.
  2. Click Script > Insert Recording The Recording Monitor opens and recording begins.
  3. To start your test application, on the Recording toolbar click Start Application(Start Application button).
  4. Perform any actions in the application.
    • To record a verification point, locate the object in your application to test and click Insert Verification Point or Action Command.
    • To insert any features, such as a call script command, log entry, timer, script delay command, or comment into the script, click Insert Script Support Commands.
  5. Close your application, if you want closing the application to be part of the script.
  6. When you are finished recording, click Stop Recording. TheHCL OneTest™ UI window is restored and the script is displayed.