Application Response Measurement support

The Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard helps measure the end-to-end transaction performance of an application, including service levels and response time. HCL OneTest™ UI uses the response time breakdown to view the statistics that is captured while running a test.

Response time breakdown

Response time breakdown is a type of application monitoring that shows how much time was spent in each part of the system under test. The response time breakdown view shows the "insides" of the system under test.
To capture response time breakdown data, you must enable it in HCL OneTest UI. The data collection infrastructure collects response time breakdown data. Each host on which the application runs and from which you want to collect data must have the data collection infrastructure installed and running.
Note: Ensure that you use a compatible version of the response time breakdown tool such as IBM® Tivoli® Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) for HCL OneTest UI to integrate with ARM. For information about using the response time break down tool and the versions, refer the respective product information centre.