Rational ClearCase Remote Client

The IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client is an application designed to operate efficiently over high latency network or wide area network. With Rational ClearCase Remote Client, you can connect to a ClearCase web server and access resources in remote ClearCase repositories and load them into local ClearCase views as ordinary files and directories under ClearCase control.

HCL OneTest™ UI integration with Rational ClearCase Remote Client is supported in the Eclipse IDE. You must install Rational ClearCase Remote Client on the Eclipse IDE that you used for HCL OneTest UI. Before you install Rational ClearCase Remote Client, ensure that you have installed the Rational ClearCase server, which will serve as the VOB server for functional test assets that you will need to maintain.

As HCL OneTest UI is installed using IBM Installation Manager, install Rational ClearCase Remote Client by adding the requisite repository file to the repository list using IBM Installation Manager and then proceed with the installation. For more information, see the Rational ClearCase Remote Client documentation.