Experimental Features

HCL OneTest™ UI contains a set of pre-releases that enable you to test various experimental features. These experimental features, while still in progress, are introduced early in the release to seek your feedback on its overall functionality and performance. You can play around with these capabilities before they are made available and supported as a general feature in an upcoming release.
Note: Experimental features are not rolled out as part of the general features of HCL OneTest UI and should not be used in a production environment.

To access experimental features, click Window > Preferences > Test > FT Experimental Features.

You can enable the following experimental features:

  • Enable Experimental Log Type: Select this option to enable the experimental log type. For more information, see Logging page.
  • Enable Mixed Content: Select this option to record and play back tests for applications that use both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. When you enable mixed content, the test captures content from both the protocols that are used by the application. If not, the test throws an exception for mixed content. For example, if you enable mixed content and record an HTTPS application that has HTTP web links, the test captures content from both the protocols without throwing an exception.