Frequently asked questions about recording scripts with HCL OneTest UI

This topic provides answers to some frequently asked questions about recording functional test scripts using HCL OneTest™ UI.

Which controls does HCL OneTest UI support for functional testing?

Is there only one datapool for a script?

Yes. Datapools can be private or shared, much like object maps, so several scripts may use the same datapool.

In Simplified Scripting, more than one shared datapool can be used at a group level but not at a script level.

How do I test a popup window with HCL OneTest UI?

HCL OneTest UI has a special function to test popup windows. Do these steps to capture a popup window on the application under test (AUT):

  1. Begin recording and open the AUT.
  2. Click the Insert Verification Point or Action Command button Insert Verification Point or Action Command on the Recording Monitor toolbar.
  3. Select Time Delayed Selection from the Selection Method list. Specify a time to delay before selection to allow sufficient time to navigate to the popup window and display it; for example, 10 seconds.
  4. Click the object finder.

    As the timer counts down, move the mouse into the popup window, without actually pointing to a specific object. A good place to move the mouse is between the items on the list. Make sure that the mouse pointer is a regular pointer, not a pointing hand, and that you are not pointing to a specific item in the menu, unless that is all you want to capture. When the time expires, HCL OneTest UI highlights the data that will be captured in red and returns to the Verification Point dialog box. Here, you can choose to do a data verification point and test the table contents.

    For information about the Time Delayed Selection object selection method, see Select an Object page of the Verification Point and Action Wizard.

  5. After clicking Next, you see the popup window content.

Is it required to start an application with HCL OneTest UI to make it testable?

No. If the environment has been correctly enabled, the application is testable even if HCL OneTest UI is not used to start it.

For information about enabling environments, see Preparing the functional test environment.

Can scripts recorded under a JRE be played back on a different JRE?

Scripts recorded under a JRE can be played back on a different JRE without requiring maintenance. However, when recording on JRE 1.3.x and playing back under JRE 1.4.x, object properties might change due to changes in the JRE. This causes errors during playback. To eliminate the errors, you must update the object properties.

For information about updating object properties, see Updating recognition properties.

Does HCL OneTest UI support recording against the menu in browsers?

HCL OneTest UI does not support recording against the menu in Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. Only toolbar buttons that are common to both Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported: Back Bookmarks (Firefox) and Favorites (Internet Explorer), Close, Forward, Home, Maximize, Minimize, Search (push button only), Stop. The HTML support of HCL OneTest UI is targeted at cross-browser support, and attempting to support the menu in the two targeted browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox, would lead to incompatibilities.

See the topic Tips and tricks for functional testing HTML applications in the information center.