Terminal-based applications support

HCL OneTest™ UI Extension for Terminal-based Applications supports functional testing of Mainframe or zSeries (TN3270, TN3270E), AS/400 or iSeries (TN5250) and pSeries or Virtual Terminals (VT default, VT100, VT101, VT102, VT220-7, VT220-8, VT320, VT420-7, VT420-8, VT52, VT UTF-8).

HCL OneTest UI Extension for Terminal-based Applications tool helps you create test scripts to automate the host application test cases.

It provides a rich set of capabilities to test host attributes, host field attributes and screen flow through a host application. It uses terminal verification points and properties, as well as synchronization code to identify the readiness of terminal for user input.

You can use this tool to perform the following tasks:
  • Store, load, and share common host configurations by using a properties file. The connection configuration can be loaded automatically through scripts, using these files
  • Record or play back scripts against multiple host terminals.
  • Start the terminal even when you are not recording or playing back your scripts. With this function, you can interact with the host without leaving the working Eclipse environment.
  • Perform data driven testing.