Rational Team Concert

You can use IBM® Rational Team Concert as your software configuration management system to maintain functional test assets.

Using Rational Team Concert, you can share projects, scripts, script templates, test datapools, and object maps across the testing team. You can manage changes in test assets in a collaborative manner to track the changes efficiently.

Rational Team Concert must be purchased separately. You must install Rational Team Concert using Installation Manager and then install HCL OneTest™ UI using the same package group to integrate Rational Team Concert with HCL OneTest UI.

With Rational Team Concert, you can manage test assets and perform source control operations such as these:

Note: When you perform source control operations in the Functional Test Projects, the results might be inconsistent. Perform all source control operations such as check-in and deliver from the Pending Changes view.

For more information on Jazz™ source control and Jazz concepts for Rational ClearCase® users, see the Rational Team Concert information center.