Simplified scripting

Simplified test scripts are functional test scripts in the form of simple English statements that are easy to understand and edit. This feature is enabled by default in the HCL OneTest™ UI Preferences window.
When you record actions on the test application using the recorder, the functional test script is generated and displayed as a simplified test script in the Script editor. With the simplified test script feature enabled, you can also view the corresponding Java test script in the Java script editor. When you edit the simplified test script, the Java script reflects the changes in the Java script editor but not vice versa. You have the option to switch to the Java script editor using the Insert Java Code Snippet or Insert Java Method features available in the simplified test script editor and start working with the Java test script.
Note: You cannot migrate the existing functional test scripts that are generated as Java test scripts to simplified test scripts.

The Application View displays the captured application visuals (screen snapshots). You can click each test line of the simplified test script to view the application control it refers to. HCL OneTest UI captures the application controls and their properties during recording if the application visuals feature is enabled.

You can view the details and modify the properties of each test line such as an action on the application control or the test line arguments in the Properties View. For each test line of the simplified test script, you can also set the playback parameters such as execution delay and specify the log information such as types of messages in the Properties View.