Test Flex applications that are not enabled using HCL OneTest UI

Developers can enable the RuntimeLoading component for Flex applications and provide the application on a web server for testing.
To test Flex applications :
  1. A developer must perform the following tasks:
    1. Set up the development environment.
    2. Configure the RuntimeLoading application.
    3. Deploy the RuntimeLoader files to a web server. Typically deploy the files to the root directory so that this action is performed only once.
    4. Deploy the Flex application to a web server.
    5. Provide the complete URL of the RuntimeLoading testing page to the testers.
  2. A tester must perform the following tasks:
    1. Set up the test environment.
    2. Open the RuntimeLoadingTest.html page in browser.
    3. Type the relative path of the Flex application to be tested as a query parameter to the HTML page.
    4. Use HCL OneTest™ UI to test the application.
Note: Testers can also deploy the necessary files such as RuntimeLoader and the .swf file to a web server, provided that testers can access the server. Although developers might not be familiar with HCL OneTest UI, the developer needs the RuntimeLoader source file and the HCL OneTest UI agent (rft.swc) to enable and deploy the Flex application. Testers need to provide these files to the developer.