Testing with Rational Quality Manager

HCL OneTest™ UI can be integrated with Rational Quality Manager. You can execute the functional test scripts from HCL OneTest UI.

HCL OneTest UI can be integrated with Rational Quality Manager using an adapter. The functional test adapter is installed by default when you install HCL OneTest UI. After installing HCL OneTest UI, you must configure and run the adapter. The adapter receives messages from Rational Quality Manager and runs functional test scripts when requested from a user through the Rational Quality Manager. After test run, the adapter uploads the execution log to the Rational Quality Manager server.

Test scripts are created and associated with keywords using HCL OneTest UI. These keywords are created and defined in Rational Quality Manager. You can manage and execute functional test scripts and view test logs from Rational Quality Manager.

If a functional test script depends on external JARs, and you want to run the test script from Rational® Quality Manager, you must place the test script in the HCL OneTest UI customization folder. For details, see .