Working with datapools

A datapool is a test dataset, a collection of related data records which supplies data values to the variables in a test script during test script playback.

You use datapools to supply realist data and to stress an application with a realistic amount of data.

Using HCL OneTest™ UI, you can create a data-driven test by selecting the controls or objects in an application-under-test to data-drive. HCL OneTest UI creates a datapool in which you can edit and add data. You can use a single test script repeatedly with varying input and response data.

You can use the datapool feature in several ways:

While working with simplified test scripts, you can either create a data-driven test script during recording or you can insert data-driven commands into the simplified test script by using the application visuals. You can also create multiple datapools for a script and associate a datapool to a group in a simplified script.

Private and shared datapools

Every test script that you create has a private test datapool associated with it. The initial private test datapool is a placeholder and is empty until you data-drive a test script, or add new data to it.

You can create a shared datapool by creating a new datapool, or you can associate a datapool with several test scripts to share a datapool.