Test object hierarchy

The Test Object Hierarchy lists all test objects in the application-under-test and provides information for each, such as color, owner relationship, state, test domain, role, name, and .class.
  • Color -- Newly added test objects are marked New and displayed in blue. All the test objects that are not used in the scripts associated with the test object map are displayed in red.
  • Owned -- An owner/owned relationship is not a container relationship. For example, a frame and a dialog box. A parent/child relationship is a frame and a toolbar

    You can change the color of the Owned test object in the test object map.

  • State
    • New -- Added to the test object map from the Insert a GUI Object into the Object Map dialog box.
    • "Clean" -- The object has been accepted and any previous state has been cleared. A "clean" object is not labeled, and the state is removed from the hierarchy.
  • Test domain
    • HTML
    • Java
    • Net
    • Win
  • Role -- The generic type of an object, such as Frame or Button.
  • Name -- The descriptive name administrative property.
  • .class
    • Java class name, such as java.awt.Button
    • Html canonical class name, such as Html.HtmlDocument or Html.A

Each test object in the list is preceded by an icon that indicates its role.