Passing parameters by using the describe function in PowerBuilder

In PowerBuilder, you can use the describe() function to identify the properties of DataWindow objects and their controls. The describe() function is available only with the PowerBuilder DataWindow. The describe() function returns a string as a result of the parameters that are specified as a part of the describe() function. For example, you can find the data types of the column in a table style presentation. You can use the describe function in HCL OneTest™ UI as shown in the following examples.
Example 1: This example shows how to pass parameters to the PowerBuilder describe() function and report the result as a string. The result displays the employee name and the state of origin of the employee.
//Get the figure for an EditPart
		public void testMain(Object[] args)

String ls_request;
String ls_report;

ls_request = "DataWindow.Bands DataWindow.Objects "
+ "empname_h.Text "
+ "empname_h.Type emp.Type emp.Coltype "
+ "state.Type empname.Type empname_h.Visible";
ls_report = dw_1.Describe(ls_request);

See the PowerBuilder help for detailed information on PowerBuilders describe() function.