Proxy settings for freeform DataWindow PowerBuilder controls

In HCL OneTest™ UI, from version 8.2.1 onwards, new proxies are available for recording and playback on freeform DataWindow PowerBuilder controls in functional test scripts. By default, in a HCL OneTest UI 8.2.1 installation, scripts that you recorded using the old proxies can be played back normally but any new scripts that you record will use these new proxies.
Depending on your requirement, you can revert to using the pre-8.2.1 proxies for all scripts or use the new proxies for the scripts. The usage of proxies for recording and playback on freeform DataWindow Powerbuilder controls in functional test scripts are controlled by these flags in the file:
  • rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usenewproxyonly
  • rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usehybridproxy
Table 1. Flag settings for controlling proxies
Flag in the file Default setting in HCL OneTest UI 8.2.1 Setting to use only the pre-8.2.1 proxies Setting to use only the new proxies
rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usenewproxyonly FALSE FALSE TRUE
rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usehybridproxy TRUE FALSE Setting ignored

The default setting for the two flags in a HCL OneTest UI 8.2.1 installation is shown in the first column of the table. On playing back a script, the GetChildren function looks for the accessibility object references and the new proxies added in version 8.2.1. By default, the new proxies are used only when you record a new script.

To revert to using only the pre-8.2.1 proxies, set the rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usehybridproxy flag in the file to FALSE. Recording and playback are reverted to using the pre-8.2.1 proxies. This setting is shown in the second column of the table.

To use only the new proxies that were added in version 8.2.1, set the rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usenewproxyonly flag in the file to TRUE. This setting is shown in the third column of the table. It ignores the rational.test.ft.pb.datawindow.freeform.usehybridproxy flag setting, and uses only the new proxies for recording and playback. This setting is useful if you do not need to play back any existing scripts and if you are recording only new scripts. It is also the setting which ensures the most optimal playback performance.

Note: The new proxy settings apply only to standard Win32 targets that are deployed by using PowerBuilder.