Adding references to external resources

Functional test scripts or projects may refer to or use external resources like the DLLs in .Net IDE or JAR files in Eclipse IDE. To enable the scripts or projects to use these files, you must add references to these files in HCL OneTest™ UI.

Adding references to functional test Java project

  1. Copy the JAR files in the Functional Test customization folder. By default, the folder is available at C:\ProgramData\HCL\HOTUI\customization in Windows and at /etc/opt/HCL/HOTUI/customization in Linux.
  2. Verify whether the copied JAR files are referred by the functional test project.
    • Open HCL OneTest UI, right-click the functional test project and click Properties.
    • In the Properties page, click Java Build Path. In the Libraries page, verify whether the added JAR file is listed in the OneTest UI Customization Libraries.
    • If the OneTest UI Customization Libraries is not displayed, right-click the functional test project and click Reset Java Build Path.