Adding an element to source control

New projects and new scripts and their supporting files are all view private files and are not under IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client source control until you add them to source control.

Before you begin

To add an existing functional test project to Rational ClearCase Remote Client, you must create the project in a ClearCase view. If you did not create the project in a ClearCase view, connect to the project from within a ClearCase view and then add it to source control.


  1. In the Functional Test Projects view, select the elements that you want to add to source control.
  2. Right-click, and then click Team > Add to Source Control to open the Add to Source Control dialog box.

    The elements that are selected to be added to source control are displayed in the selected resources list.

    To record a new script in a project and add the script to source control, right-click the project and click Add Script Using Recorder. When you finish recording the script, the Add to Source Control dialog box opens automatically.

  3. In the selected resources list, clear the check boxes of elements that you do not want to add to source control.
  4. In Comment, describe the files that you are adding to source control.
  5. Optional: To work on the files after you have added them to source control, select Checkout artifacts after adding to source control.