Checking in an element

If you use IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client for source control management, you must check in an element to create a new version of the file.

About this task

You can check in one or more directories, scripts or project elements. You can also merge files, if required, when you check in an element.


  1. From the Functional Test Projects view, select one or more checked out projects, scripts or project elements, right-click and then click Team > Check In.
  2. In the Artifacts column, expand the project or script to view its related functional test assets. All functional test assets that were modified are selected for checkin.
  3. In Comment, describe the assets you are checking in.
  4. Click OK.

    In the Functional Test Projects view, the small green check mark that indicates that the element was checked out is removed, indicating that the element has been checked in.

  5. If you check in an element and a later version of this element already exists and is different from your element, you are prompted to merge.