Undoing a checkout

If you use IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client for source control of your test assets, and if you check out an element and decide not to make changes or not to check in the changes, you can cancel the checkout.

About this task

When you cancel a checkout, Rational ClearCase Remote Client does not create a new version, but discards any changes you made to the element and does not add any checkout events to its history.

You can keep the changes that you made to individual files, if required.


  1. From the Projects view, right-click one or more checked-out elements and click Team > Undo Check Out. The Undo Checkout dialog box opens.
  2. Click Show Details to inspect the checked-out files for which you are canceling the checkout. The selected resources list opens, showing the checked-out elements.
  3. In the Artifacts column, expand the checked-out project or script to view its related functional test assets. All functional test assets that were modified are selected for checkout cancelation.
  4. Clear the check box of any element for which you do not want to undo the check out.
  5. To keep a copy of all the checked-out files with your modifications, select the Keep a copy of modified artifacts check box.
  6. To discard copies of specific modified files and keep all others, clear the Keep a copy of modified artifacts check box, and then select Discard, for the specific file, from the Keep a copy column.
  7. Click OK.