Enabling the dynamic find feature

The test object map lists in a hierarchy the test objects in the application under test. Changes to the application-under-test might result in changes in the object hierarchy. During playback, HCL OneTest™ UI is then unable to find an object whose hierarchical position has changed, and this causes playback failure. With the dynamic find feature you can prevent playback failure that results from hierarchy changes in the application under test. The dynamic find feature performs searches for objects whose hierarchy has changed, when a search that is based on object recognition scoring (ScriptAssure) fails to find such objects.

About this task

On the Dynamic Find Enablement page in the Preferences dialog box, you can enable or disable the dynamic find feature for all functional test scripts in the integrated development environment (IDE). For an individual script, you can enable or disable the feature on the Select Log page. For instructions, see the Select Log page topic. You can also enable or disable from the command-line interface. For information, see theHCL OneTest UI command line interface topic.
Note: When you enable the dynamic find feature in the Preferences dialog box, the setting applies to all scripts in the IDE. You can override this preference for an individual script on the Select Log page, when you run the script.


  1. In the product menu, click Window > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
  2. Expand Functional Test, and then click Playback.
  3. Click Dynamic find enabled.
  4. Select the Enable script find if scoring find fails check box.
    Note: To prevent playback failure because of hierarchy changes, you can also use the Insert Dynamic Test Object method. Using this method, you can anchor a test object as a descendant of its parent. This renders script playback resilient to object hierarchy changes. For information about inserting dynamic test objects, see the Inserting dynamic test objects topic.