Enabling the GEF application

You must enable the GEF support before using HCL OneTest™ UI to test GEF objects on the application under test.

About this task

To enable the GEF application:


  1. Click Configure > Enable Environments for Testing.
  2. Click the Eclipse Platforms tab.
  3. Search for the Eclipse platform. The search results are listed in the left pane under Eclipse platforms.
  4. Select the Eclipse platform that you want to enable.
  5. Select the GEF Support check box.
    Note: If you have enabled an Eclipse platform without GEF support and want to enable support for GEF:
    1. Select the Eclipse platform and click Disable.
    2. Select the GEF support check box.
    3. Click Enable.
    The GEF enablement plugin is copied to the plugin directory of the AUT.
  6. Click Finish.