Enabling AJAX support for a pre-existing script

The HTML Document control is mapped to GuiTestObject in HCL OneTest™ UI versions prior to The GuiTestObject does not contain any AJAX-related APIs. To use the AJAX-related APIs, the HTML Document control must be mapped to DocumentTestObject.


  1. Open the functional test script that needs to be modified for enabling the AJAX support.
  2. Click Script > Open Test Object Map. Select the Document control from the list and click Administrative tab.
  3. Replace the Test Object Class Name value from GuiTestObject to DocumentTestObject. Save and close the Test Object Map.
  4. Click Script > Update Script Helper
    Note: By default, the HTML Document control is mapped to DocumentTestObject for enabling AJAX support. You can disable AJAX support and map the HTML Document control to GuiTestObject by setting the rational.test.ft.html.use.documenttestobject = false in the ivory.properties file.