Enabling SAP GUI scripting for Windows

To use HCL OneTest™ UI to test SAP GUI for Windows applications, enable the SAP GUI scripting using the SAP GUI enabler. The SAPgui tab option is not available on Linux.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have administrator privileges to use the SAP GUI enabler.


  1. Open HCL OneTest UI and click Configure > Enable Environments for Testing.
  2. Click the SAPgui tab.
    • If you do not have the supported version of SAP GUI client in the Windows operating system, the SAPgui tab is disabled.
    • The SAPgui tab is not available on Linux.
  3. Click Enable. The enabled state is displayed in the State field.
  4. Click Test to verify that the SAP GUI client scripting is enabled. A message that the scripting is successfully enabled for SAP GUI is displayed.
  5. Click OK and then click Finish .
    Alternatively, you can enable the SAP scripting in the SAP GUI application.
    1. Start the SAP Logon and log in to the SAP server.
    2. Click Customize Local Layout > Options
    3. In the Options window, select the Scripting tab.
    4. Select the Enable scripting check box.
    5. Clear the Notify When a Script Attaches to a Running GUI check box and the Notify When a Script Opens a Connection check box.
    6. Save the settings and restart the SAP GUI.

What to do next

You must enable the SAP server for testing.