Testing an enabled Flex application that is deployed on a web server

Testers can test a Flex application that is enabled for HCL OneTest™ UI and is deployed on a web server.

About this task

The developer deploys the Flex application to be tested on a web server and provides the URL to the testers. The testers can also deploy the files, provided that the testers can access the web server and the application files.

To test a web-based Flex application that is enabled for HCL OneTest UI:


  1. Ensure that the application is added in the Application Configuration tool, enable the required JRE, and set your default web browser.
  2. Obtain the enabled .swf file and HTML wrapper from the web server.
  3. Open the HTML page in a browser.
  4. Start HCL OneTest UI
  5. Start testing the HTML file that contains the embedded Flex application.