Testing nonenabled Flex applications

Testers can test a Flex application that is not enabled for functional testing and is deployed on a web server.

About this task

Developers deploy the application on a web server and provides the URL to the testers. Testers must perform the test using the Runtime Loader component that is available with HCL OneTest™ UI.

Important: If you encounter problems while the Flex application is loading using the Runtime Loader test page, check the security settings of Internet Explorer ActiveX and plug-ins.
Ensure that you add the application in the Application Configuration tool, enable the required JRE and set your default web browser.

To test a nonenabled Flex application:


  1. Copy the compiled RunTimeLoader.swf and the RuntimeLoadingTest.html to the folder that contains the Flex application to the server.
  2. Open the RuntimeLoadingTest.html page in browser.
  3. Pass the relative path of the Flex application to be tested as a query parameter to the HTML page. For example, type:http://localhost/RuntimeLoadingTest.html?automationswfurl=applicationtotest.swf, where applicationtotest.swf is the file name of the Flex application.
  4. Start HCL OneTest UI.
  5. Start testing the HTML file that contains the embedded Flex application.