Importing the configuration and customization files

The import wizard imports the configuration (.rftcfgjar), and customization (.rftcust) files to the HCL OneTest™ UI configuration, and customization directory. The import wizard displays the available items and the user can import these items into HCL OneTest UI or any computer. The configurations file (.rftcfgjar) is either merged with an existing configuration file or is replaced. The customization files are only replaced and not merged. You must restart HCL OneTest UI to activate some customization files.

About this task

To import items from an archive file:


  1. Click File > Import. The Import wizard opens.
  2. Click Functional Test > Functional Test configuration and customization items.
  3. Click Next. The Import configuration items window opens.
  4. In the Import from field, browse for the archive file in the file system. You must browse for the .rftcfgjar file. The Select the items to be imported window opens.
  5. The items that the archive file contains are displayed in the Select the items to be imported window. Select the items to import and click Finish. The selected items are now displayed in HCL OneTest UI.