Merging object maps

You can merge two object maps by comparing your local copy with the repository copy of the file. HCL OneTest™ UI merges the two object maps automatically. In cases where the object maps cannot be merged automatically, you can manually merge the object maps. The user interface displays the two object maps to be merged. The left pane displays the local copy and the right pane displays the server copy. The difference between the two object maps is highlighted. You can move the contents from right to left to merge the changes.


  1. In the Functional Test projects view, right-click the project and synchronize the changes. The incoming and outgoing changes are displayed in the Pending Changes view. The object map with conflicting changes is preceded by a red icon.
  2. Select the object map with conflicting changes. You can view the differences between the two files by comparing them. The changes are highlighted in the Object Map Compare editor.
  3. Merge the changes from the delivered copy with the local copy. You can take these actions:
    • Merge the changes individually: Select the change to be merged and click the Copy Current Change from Right to Left button. You can move to the next change using the Next Difference button or previous change using the Previous Difference button and merge the changes.
    • Merge all the changes: Click the Copy All from Right to Left button to merge all the changes.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.
  5. Deliver the merged object map.