Setting log preferences

You can set your log preferences to view functional test logs.


  1. Click Window > Preferences.
  2. On the left pane, expand Functional Test , expand Playback, and click Logging.
  3. Select Display log viewer after script playback to open the log automatically after playback.
  4. Select other logging options as required.
  5. Set the viewing preferences in the Log type list:
    1. By default, the log type is XML. To change the log type, clear the Use Default check box, and select Text, HTML, XML, or JSON.
      • If you select Text or JSON , the text log file opens in the Functional Test Script window.
      • If you select HTML or XML, the HTML or XML log file opens in your default browser.
      • To view the results of a particular verification point in the HTML log, click View Results at the end of a verification point entry. The Verification Point Comparator displays the baseline and actual files side by side if the verification point failed, so that you can compare the data.
      • If you get an error about the Java plug-in when you click the View Results link in the HTML log, verify that your plug-in is configured correctly. If you select XML, the XML log file opens in your default browser.
      • Ensure that the functional testing product supports the default browser version.
    2. If you select TPTP, the TPTP log file opens in the Functional Test Script window.
      Note: You can only view TPTP log files in the HCL OneTest™ UI Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, not in the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment. Customized or extended log files in other formats cannot be viewed in either the Eclipse IDE or the Visual Studio IDE.
    3. Click Apply to save the new settings and to continue changing options or click OK to save the new setting and to close the Preferences dialog box.