Switching to Jazz source control

You can use Jazz source control management to manage functional test assets such as test object maps and scripts to facilitate functional testing efforts. The integration is controlled by a property that is set in the ivory.properties file in the HCL OneTest™ UI installation directory. You can use one software configuration management client type only in a session.

About this task

To switch to Jazz source control, you must specify the software configuration management client type in the ivory.properties file. To modify the ivory.properties file, you must have the appropriate permission.


  1. Close HCL OneTest UI.
  2. Open the ivory.properties file available in the folder <product installation directory>\Functional Tester\bin\.
  3. Set the rational.test.ft.cm.clienttype to CCRC. The default value is set to NATIVE_CC. Changing the value to CCRC enables HCL OneTest UI to use source control plug-ins like Jazz source control and CCRC Eclipse plug-ins.
  4. Save the ivory.properties file, and start HCL OneTest UI.